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We all have audio systems around our homes and business premises that we no longer have regular use for, taking up space in the garage, down the cellar, contributing to clutter in the attic and long forgotten equipment that can be rescued out of storage. Exposed to prolonged variations of condensation, gathering dust and gradually losing value... Could they be economically repaired or converted back to cash? 
Reuse is becoming ever more popular for getting the very best from your home stereo system, by either:
  • Servicing to maintain performance; thus holding or appreciating in value.
  • Getting a good Trade-In deal from a pre-owned hi-fi specialist,
  • Or donating them to family, friends, or neighbours.
hifirepair.co.uk is an independent service facility conveniently located in the historic City of Nottingham, England; dealing with sales, part-exchange and repair of full-size vintage Japanese audio separates from the golden age of high-fidelity-sound. Amplifiers, Receivers, Cassette Decks, CD/MiniDisc Players, Equalisers, Loudspeakers, Tuners, Turntables and Other Equipment. Almost forty years of experience enabling us to pass on great savings, serving many markets including restaurants & bars, students who identify classic stereo as 'the new cool', forever loyal two-channel audio collectors and a steady stream of enthusiastic treasure hunters.
In addition to our repair service, we are constantly buying hi-fi separates for their superior audio reproduction with the emphasis on value, and always have a wide selection in Stock. However, we try to avoid working on half finished projects, all-in-one's, radiograms, music centers, mini/micros, stacks tethered by ribbon cables, portables, soundbars, DAB, AV surround systems etc... and do not promote trendy products.
We pride ourselves on running a unique business with an after sales service which is the envy of many workshops. Pre-arranged no obligation repair inspections, all servicing is carried out on site and depending on product brand, model and availability of parts, are completed normally within 7 to 14 working days by a qualified engineer with premium grade components. Repair isn't always quick but you know it's in good hands together with personal service that no major chain can possibly offer.
Dedicated to hi-fi repair in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and surrounding areas, servicing most major brands of mainly analogue Japanese audio equipment, originally designed and manufactured with built-in robust engineering and have earned a reputation for being reliable... Confident that few can match our combination of low pricing and product knowledge, plus our '30-days Parts and Labour, Sales or Service Guarantee' rest assured, whether it's an individual unit or a complete component system.
 And isn't that what we really want?
Unfortunately, we do not carry out assessments for insurance valuations... Nor receive or ship goods via commercial couriers simply because of possible damage in transit incurring time consuming re-repairs after each leg of the journey. 'Handle With Care' mean nothing whatsoever to logistics personnel on a busy delivery schedule. We passionately believe classic hi-fi are delicate, and must be demonstrated at leisure when collected then always handed over in person. 
Planning on trading-in, purchase, sell or repair? Please do not hesitate to ask questions our advice is always free, call ahead with your product brand, model number and list or even post pictures through WhatsApp with a brief fault description. 
Try to arrange an appointment with at least a day notice prior to visiting because we sometimes do get busy, and bring some of your favourite tunes for audition. We value your custom and want you to be a happy customer who will do business with us again. 

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